Sidsel Hanum

Hanum's knowledge of material and her sensitivity in the face of porcelain gives the works a completely different expression. This individual touch is also seen in the exhibition's smaller objects in porcelain. These works are "drawn" in liquid porcelain. She makes patterns with porcelain that gradually builds up, layer by layer, into small objects. They are reminiscent of the coast's diversity of shells, corals and sea anemones. Hanum finds inspiration in nature's forms, where the works are based on basic ideas that take shape according to the same pattern as nature.

The objects' surface and shape are formed through the exploration of the camp's possibilities and limitations. This exploration has been manifested through a long career with a wide range of high quality objects, which has made Sidsel Hanum one of Norway's most prominent and most important ceramics. She has a large number of exhibitions behind her and has made several major decorations. Participation in fairs in Europe and the US has led to placements in important collections internationally, while her work has been purchased by a number of central Norwegian museums.