Ingrid Aarset (b. 1958)

Ingrid Aarset has worked continuously with textiles as her artistic media since graduating from the Norwegian College of Art and Design in Bergen in 1987. While creating works for solo exhibitions, she has also contributed to many group exhibitions, and her works have been purchased by all of Norway’s museums for applied and decorative art.

Aarset sees textiles as cultural expressions for the lives of human beings, and she uses this thought as a starting point for her works. The patterns of the works in this exhibition are inspired by medieval and renaissance textiles portrayed in paintings by Hans Holbein and Jan van Eyck, among others. She reads such textiles as expressions of beauty and power; ornaments, patterns and aesthetic qualities coalesce into stories about the pictured individuals, imbuing them with authority and power. It is therefore odd that art historians traditionally have paid so little attention to the textiles and have chosen instead to pay close attention to metaphors, the rendering of architecture, and the formal qualities of light and perspective.

The works Aarset exhibits here are also undergirded by a will to examine how new technology can affect her artistic practice. She draws by hand and then digitally manipulates the drawings, transferring them to a laser cutter. The motifs are cut in canvas and Dacron.