Inger Johanne Rasmussen (b. 1958)

Rasmussen has worked with various expressions and techniques in textile material since she started as an artist 40 years ago, but over the past 20 years she has concentrated on a self-developed inlayd textile technique.

Rasmussen's work in inlayd textile is mainly pictures monumental size. Her works are built around motifs and patterns that most often have clear references to textile tradition. The patterns that dominate the image are often added to elements or changes that convey a story. In a separate series of photos, which all have Anna Maria's name in the title, Rasmussen tells the 300-year-old designs to the silk designs by Anna Maria Garthweit, Spitafields, f 1688.

The variety of colors, rhythms and figures of the traditional textiles is taken care of in Rasmussen's works. Her works range from figurative, multicolored and organic lookups, to monochrome and color-colored works built up with strict geometric consistency.

Rasmussen's solo exhibitions are mostly large museum exhibitions, such as Sørlandets Kunstmuseum, Sven Harry's Art Museum in Stockholm, the Defense Museum in Oslo and the Blåfargeverket in Norway. She has performed about 50 public decorations. She has received about 20 scholarships, including Gi for her work. Rasmussen purchased for most Norwegian museums, and for private art collections. She has written two textbooks in tissue. Rasmussen now runs a gallery Hovedøya Kunstsal in Oslo