Ellen Grieg og Elisabeth von Krogh


26 Sep - 3 Nov 2019

Ellen Grieg has for more than 25 years been running the textile workshops at Oslo National Academy of the Arts. Throughout her career in arts education Grieg has undertaken an extensive research into colours and dyes in natural and synthetic fibres based on well-known techniques such as batik and plangi on naval mooring ropes. Her works have in recent years evolved from studies within two dimensions to assume three-dimensional sculptural qualities.

Ellen Grieg (b. 1948) is represented in the collection of the National Museum of Art and Design and Art Council Norway as well as regional public and private collections. Public commissions include the Ministry of Climate and Environment as well as hospitals, prisons and schools in Norway.

Elisabeth von Krogh works with ceramic media in strong colours and striking forms. Rather than focusing on the functional aspect of the vessel, von Krogh is more interested in playing with its form and size. The transition from a vessel to a sculpture is gradual – when is an object a vessel, when is it a sculpture? Many of her works are hand-built using clay coils, or they are hand-built in combination with wheel-thrown elements. She also use plaster moulds as part of the form-creating process. Rolled-out sheets of clay are pressed into plaster moulds, formed and then manipulated further. The clay is red terracotta and slip-glazes. One layer is sprayed on the work before each firing. Transparent and black glazes for special effect.

Elisabeth von Krogh (1947) is represented in all Norwegian museums collecting contemporary crafts, as well as numerous private collections. She has been awarded several public commissions, among others at Oslo Airport, and she has exhibited extensively throughout Norway and internationally.

In 2017 Ellen Grieg and Elisabeth von Krogh exhibited together at Design Miami, which resulted in the current exhibition at Galleri Format Oslo.