6 December – 10 December 2017

Gal­le­ri For­mat Oslo, in col­la­bo­ra­tion with Nor­we­gi­an Crafts, will for the first time be ta­king part in De­sign Cu­rio at De­sign Mia­mi/ 2017 showing works by ce­ra­mic ar­tist Eli­sa­beth von Krogh and tex­ti­le ar­tist El­len Grieg.

To­get­her with the ar­tists and Prof. Sean Griffiths, Mo­dern Ar­chitect (UK) we are plan­ning a pre­sen­ta­tion for­mat whe­re the works on show, the ex­hi­bition ar­chitec­tu­re and the media­tion of the ar­tists and their works form a com­p­le­te whole.

Gra­dua­ting from Na­tio­nal Col­le­ge of art and De­sign, Oslo in the ear­ly 1970´s El­len Grieg and Eli­sa­beth von Krogh have care­ers span­ning four deca­des. How­e­ver, the two have dis­tinct­ly dif­fe­rent care­er paths: Eli­sa­beth von Krogh being a very ac­ti­ve stu­dio ce­ra­micist with nu­merous ex­hi­bitions and pub­lic com­mis­sions whi­le El­len Grieg has de­di­cated most of her care­er to edu­ca­tion, run­ning the tex­ti­le work­shops at the Na­tio­nal col­le­ge of Art in Oslo.

Grieg´s and von Krogh´s emer­gen­ce as ar­tists coin­ci­de with post mo­der­nism´s ear­ly appea­ran­ce in Nor­way, and their work em­bo­dies a lot of cha­rac­te­ri­s­tics ori­gi­na­ting in post mo­der­nism; quo­ta­tions of style and pe­riods, or­ga­nic and/or highly stylized forms whe­re shape, co­lour and or­na­men­ta­tions forms a whole.

Both Grieg´s and von Krogh´s work appe­ar as sculp­tu­res expres­sing them­sel­ves as pure­ly aest­he­tic ob­jects, ideas and me­ta­p­hors. Their se­pa­ra­te work of­ten ta­kes on a size that give them a bo­di­ly expres­sion and pre­sen­ce. With the size, the form and the pat­terns and/co­lour their works not only ac­ti­va­te the space but high­lights the ten­sion betwe­en 2 and 3 di­mensions, space and sur­face, rea­li­ty and il­lu­sion.


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