4 May - 8 May 2016

In 2013, a passionate group of leaders of the New York design community recognized a gap; there was no unified platform for presenting 20th century and contemporary collectible design in one of the worlds most important design centers. These architects, designers, gallerists, collectors and curators banded together to form Collective and set out to launch a new kind of fair that supported both the New York and the international design community in a collaborative way.

 Active throughout the year with dynamic cultural and social programming, Collective distills these experiences into a fair that reflects trends in collecting, creation, distribution and commerce.

 Collective continues to evolve while representing a current vision of collectible design from 20th century masters to today’s emerging talents.

At the 2016 edition, Galleri Format participated with artworks by Liv Blåvarp, Mia Göransson, Kari Håkonsen, Vidar Koksvik, Edith Lundebrekke, and Kristin Opem.


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