22 November - 22 December 2018

Maske explored a method of encapsulating photography in the core of the glass. Photography in combination with glass has since been a trademark in her artistic work. She has been purchased by the Norwegian Cultural Council, the National Museum in Oslo, and the Museums of Art and Industry in Bergen and Trondheim.
Cathrine Maske has in her work moved between the challenges of art in public spaces, and making sculptural objects used in exhibitions or smaller assignments. The glass is both blown and moulded. The last assignment of art in public space- in 2017- was in Langgata in Sandnes, outside of Stavanger. Here, cast, colored and sandblasted glass elements are cast  into blocks of stone and concrete, which is a part of the street. She is currently working on completing a project in Vår Frue church in Trondheim.